A little about me, born from a Japanese father and French mother, I have been very early on tuned to subtle energies without my knowing. My childhood evolved in the world of Aikido as my parents dedicated their life to the teachings of the art. Fast forward after a long life in the corporate world in the US and Asia, accompanied with my husband and 2 boys, I found myself in a profound need of a change in the way I lived my life. Of course I had no real idea of what it all meant but through this quest appeared the most amazing friends, guides, teachers who opened doors for me to lead a more wholesome heart-centered life slowly dissolving fears and patterns from my being. This has been such a transformational adventure with its ups and its downs but always with the infinite trust that all is perfect. 

As I am walking the path of self-discovery, I am unraveling inner gifts of healing which express mainly through my hands. My intent is to share these healing frequencies with people who resonate with this journey with much love, light and magick.